Dear Clients,


The safety of our clients and staff is, as always, our primary concern and responsibility.

As such, Kingsford Bodytone practice sound infection control methods, at all times. As a result of the recent Covid 19 outbreak, we are monitoring and following the guidelines provided by the Federal Government for the prevention of the spread of infection –

To ensure your safety and good health whilst in our premises, we practice the following infection control methods:


  • We would also ask that if you are feeling unwell, please do not come to visit us for our services
  • Hand hygiene stations at the entrances and exits
  • Strict handwashing with anti-bacterial soap
  • Hand sanitisers on every desk and table available for clients and staff
  • Use of (Virus Killer Machine VK Blue) by Radic8 on entrance and staff rooms
  • Constant use of (anti-bacterial and alcohol products) for surface hygiene including wiping down all reception and common areas, tea/coffee station, treatment room sink areas, beds, door handles, toilets (flush area, sinks, handle), etc.
  • Any Masseuses and staff member display flu like symptoms to refrain from coming to work
  • Masseuses or staff are regularly monitored and not allowed to work for at least 21 days if they are feeling unwell.
  • Staff/masseuses are not allowed to work for 21 days if they have returned from any international flights.


Over the coming weeks we will continue to monitor the situation closely. We appreciate your support.


Best regards,


Kingsford Bodytone Management.