Our Masseuse’s


At Kingsford Bodytone, we have a choice of ladies from slender to curvaceous ladies, ages  from 18 yo to Mid 30’s. Choice of different nationalities from different continents.

Hi Guys, please check our roster each morning between 11:00 am to 11:30 am, when our masseuses arrived then we fill rosters daily.j

Please call For the rosters (02) 96634373


Updated on: 23/02/2024




Tara  –  Albanian Australian        New 

Attractive blue eyes, E cup bust ! Size 14 with great curves,  long black hair, 28 yo .

Heidi  –  Swedish 

Size 8, beach tanned, 30 yo, green eyes, 175cm tall, shoulder length blonde hair. 

Violet  –  Australian  

Red hair , 26 yo, friendly and bubbly with E cup bust  , Curvy size 14. 

Anita – Mexican 
Platinum blonde , hugely booty, 25 yo, size 8, C cups cup bust.

Monique –  Thai 

Exotic   , Size 4 ,  super tiny petite , C cups bust , dark chocolate’s complexion . 

Larissa –   Brazilian 

Stunning 25 yo, great figures, pixie platinum blonde, blue eyes, size 8, C cup bust, 170 cm height.

Alaina  –     South American/ European mixed background    

perky DD bust, 22 yo, size 8, Strawberry red hair . 

Pinky  –    Thai –      
26 yo, size 8, pinky has excellent skills in deep tissue massage or Thai massage. 

Gisele  –     Argentinian 

26 yo, size 6, medium blonde with B cup bust.

Gita  –      Indian 

Bollywood beauty, beautiful smiles & seductive sexy eyes & 20 yo, Size 8 & DD cup bust, wavy black hair. 

Valentina  –      Chilean 

27 yo, size 8 toned figure, brunette with bubbly personality. C cup bust and 163cm height.

Mia  –     Thai 

Pretty, 23 yo, size 6, 162 cm height. Long brown hair and B cup bust.

Paige  –      Australian  

25 yo, size 10, tall and leggy blonde with B cup bust. 

Amber  –      Australian / Maltese  

27 yo, size 8, 168cm height, stunning brunette with nice and toned body. B cup bust and tanned skin 

Stella  –    Australian 

Classy blonde, 39 yo, DD cups bust, green eyes. 179 cm height, size 12. 

Tania  –      Colombian 

25 yo, 152 cm height, petite Size 6 with perky C cups bust.

Vanessa  –      Brazilian  

24 yo, size 6, toned workout body, 165cm height, B cups bust. 

Sofia  –     Colombian 

24 yo, Curvy Size 10, with C cups bust, black wavy hair, 160 cm height. 

Isabella  –     Colombian 

D cup bust, pretty 24 yo, size 8, 160cm height, beautiful face, hours glass figure, 

Dominique  –   Colombian 

Curvaceous, size 14, dark skin complexion ,C cups bust, brunette. 

Kitty  –    Thai 

Exotic Asian beauty, 24 yo, DD cups bust, size 8, huge large booty,  exotic tanned skin, 159cm height

Lucia  –      Argentinian   

Pretty , 23 yo , Elegant & classy,  beautiful beach tanned, silky dark hair,  size 8, 163cm height, C cup bust.

Ruby  –     Thai   

Sexy 24 yo, dark tan, D cups bust, great figure , size 8, wavy long brown hair. 

Cindy  –    Thai  

Pretty thai girl, Size 6, slender, C cup bust & long black hair.

Skye  –    Thai   

Busty DD bust cups, hours glass figures with nice booty, Size 8, 158cm height.