Selection of Masseuse’s

At Kingsford Bodytone, we have a choice of ladies from slender to curvaceous ladies, ages  from 18 yo to Mid 30’s. Choice of different nationalities from different continents.

Hi Guys, please check our roster each morning between 10 am to 11 am, when our masseuses arrived then we fill rosters daily.


Updated on: 08/02/2021


Eva – Thai 

Size 6, 20yo, 159cm tall, cute & pretty with a sweetheart personality. Caramel complexion with B cup bust.

Paige – Australian  

22yo , size 6,  5″8  tall, Leggy slender , dancer figure, platinum blonde hair , B cup bust . 


Victoria – Australian 

Warm & friendly Aussie “chick” Size 8, 22 yo, Victoria has a nice curve, brunette & brown colour eyes, 160 cm tall.

Jemma – English

Girl next door ,  size 8, 25 yo,  5″4 height,  beach tanned,  C cup bust & brown colour hair, blue eyes. 

Jade – Thai / Aussie born 

size 8, 25yo, 160cm, great figure, bubbly &  friendly personality, C Cup bust. 

Jasmine – Indian 

Has innocent look,  DD cup bust, size 6, 19 yo, 152cm height, Super petite, Busty, sparkly brown eyes, shoulder bob length hair.

Meagan – Australian

size 8, 19yo,  long platinum blonde colour hair, 5″3 height,  blue eyes, C cup bust.  

Sophie – Australian / Maltese

size 12, 24yo, 5″6 tall leggy, has a sweet nature, C cup bust, long brunette colour hair . 

Monique – Filipina 

warm & friendly, petite, Size 6, 25 yo, yummy delicious milk chocolate skintone. 

Angie – Thai

Size 6, 26 yo,  striking pretty face, stunning figure, great legs, with C cup bust, 165 cm tall, silky black colour hair, tanned skin tone,  Angie has excellent massage skills.

Sasha Thai

size 6, 22 yo, super tiny, super cute, C cup bust, tanned skin colour, blonde colour hair.